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'Rachel is very probing…she has great analytical and reasoning capability. She's good at making me think real hard which is sometimes uncomfortable as in my environment, you tend to have to think real fast, rather than real hard.'

Prime Broker, Goldman Sachs

A former BBC broadcaster and international media for development-aid specialist, Rachel Ellison is an executive leadership coach with expert knowledge of challenging, changing, multicultural environments. Viewed as a Thought Leader in the field of leadership and business coaching, she is a sought-after public speaker and guest lecturer - making the case that diverse and ethical leadership promotes greater productivity, higher profit, sustainability and increased joy in coming to work.

Global Leadership & Coaching</strong>: Flourishing under intense pressure at work, by Rachel Ellison, published by Routledge, 2019
photo © Vicky Ambery Smith 2019

Global Leadership & Coaching: Flourishing under intense pressure at work

Rachel Ellison’s book brings fresh, original and applied research from leaders working in war zones, refugee camps and prisons, supermarkets, elite sport and intensive care. It features real case studies from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and the Central African Republic, to Honduras, the Czech Republic, the USA and the UK.


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Rachel Ellison receiving honorary doctorate

Honorary Doctorate, Middlesex University, July 2019

Delivering a key-note address on diversity, continued life long learning and connecting across difference, for greater professional and personal success.

Rachel Ellison at desk

Summer 2019, Whitehall & Industry Group

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Keynote speaker, FTSE 350 companies and the public sector meet to learn together and share ideas

Rachel with Larry

ISPSO Harold Bridger Memorial Award 2018

Awarded by Larry Hirschhorn for the research paper judged to be the most original and creative. ‘Comfort & Containment: The psychoanalytic study of space in a neonatal intensive care unit’



ISPSO 2018, Dublin, Ireland: Speaker: Desires and Defences – leadership in a refugee context



Leading behind bars: Insights from 'inside'. The story of a former prison governor who says in terms of crime, he could have gone 'either way'

Guest lecturer

Denmark - boats and buildings

ISPSO 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark: 'Spaces'- applying psychoanalytic thinking at the point of urgency


Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation

Coaching at Work, Vol 11, Issue 6 (PDF, 780 KB)


Rachel Ellison

ISPSO 2016, Granada, Spain: Working where it's hot, dusty and dangerous. Learning from NGO leaders in a war zone


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