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Client Testimonials

'Rachel is very probing...she has great analytical and reasoning capability. She's good at making me think real hard which is sometimes uncomfortable as in my environment, you tend to have to think real fast, rather than real hard.'

Prime Broker, investment bank

'You don't let people off the hook. You have respect and focus.'

Creative Director, South Bank Centre

'Rachel has depth of experience and depth of skill. She's steely, tough and not easily cowed. She's not afraid to ask deep search questions.'

Finance Director, NHS

'We beat our medals target in the Rio Olympic Games and I genuinely think coaching, helped make that happen. Because of working with you, I do what I do better. I go back to my team supercharged and it lasts....That's because you make it about the person - as if it's me doing the coaching. With you, there are no short cuts, no answers, no fast solutions - it's about reconnecting with what's important. It feels more like my journey then it ever has done - not a job.'

Para Cycling Coach, Team GB

'You helped me transition to a new Executive Management Board role, in a new country. I have grown in confidence, power and presence. You are a tremendous listener. You've never come up with the same solution or challenge twice. I so value your creativity and how that links to commercial themes and the business I am in.'

Marketing Director, ASDA WAL-MART

'You delivered great value for my current role, but also for my future leadership. We returned from Rio with a medal! We over-achieved in two events! My team delivered beyond expectations. I can backtrack most of the 'team feeling' to our chats about the importance of defining and delivering a tangible philosophy. I have your alternative, determined questioning in mind as I continue my career from here.'

Rio Olympics Badminton Coach, Team GB

'Rachel's open and holistic approach to coaching, allowed me to freely explore the issues holding me back at work. As a result I'm more confident, more effective and calmer...as well as having a greater sense of belonging at work. It has been a career-changing experience.'

Director, Department for Work & Pensions

'You've been revelatory through professional and personal transition.'


'The coaching we did three years ago, is giving me the resilience I need now, to lead through this economic crisis'

Level 1 Banker, HSBC

'I have more choices because of coaching. I’m more confident. I’m always amazed at the different directions we go in during coaching sessions. For example, I hadn't thought of the systems' anxiety, I was only thinking of my own.'

Pensions & Reward, Diageo

'Coaching accelerated my learning and ability to reflect. My capacity to self coach is more concrete. I'm now more people and 'less laptop'. I have more focus, meetings are tighter. My team achieves more.'

International Diplomat, British Foreign & Commonwealth Office

'You're demanding and very challenging...and I totally trust you. There have been fundamental changes for me. I know my purpose and values. I approach things differently now. I'm a more flexible leader.'

Sales Director, Global Retail

'Our supervision session was fantastic...my client’s progress has soared. I now realise that my own baggage was holding him back.'

Coach Supervision Client

'I learned more about myself on the Internal Coach Programme than in any other training I've ever had at work. The observation and assessment is so thorough. People rarely give you feedback this deep and this honest. I really enjoy being a coach - even though I'd never done it before.'

Internal Coaching Programme Participant, Samsung

'Rachel's use of metaphor with her coaching clients is breathtaking. She offers such quality and rigour, we could have used her ten times over.'

Coaching Buyer, HSBC

'Working with Rachel is not like working with a supplier. It's like working with a colleague.'

Coaching Buyer, Samsung

'Your coaching MA viva has made me completely rethink how I coach; you are just so creative.'

Examiner, Coaching Masters Programme

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