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Coaching Programmes

''Coaching is a powerful conversation with a purpose and an outcome. It's a relationship which offers business leaders high support with high challenge, to create a reflective space for learning, self empowerment and generating better quality solutions.'

Rachel Ellison MBE, MA coaching model 2009

First 100 Days Executive Coaching Programme

An intensive 6 session coaching programme for new CEOs, executive leaders and high potential individuals. Coaching begins shortly before the start of the new role. This intensive coaching programme aims to empower and support clients to maximise their personal and professional potential, within the crucial 'impact window' of the First 100 Days.

8 Month Executive Coaching Programme

8 coaching sessions over 8 months. This programme helps CEOs, senior leaders and high potential individuals develop greater self awareness and spot behavioural patterns within themselves and their dynamic with others. Coaching creates a safe, confidential space for leaders to reflect, explore, experiment and challenge. It's a chance to define their core purpose and to test the alignment of their personal and organisational values. The programme draws on Solution Focus, Positive Psychology, existential, psychoanalytic and Systems Thinking.

12 Month Executive Coaching Programme

12 coaching sessions over 12 months giving CEOs, senior executives and key talent a sounding board to explore personal and organisational challenges at work. A deep-dive look at how high achievers can develop even greater, well-rounded success, in alignment with their personal values. Coaching draws on Solution Focus, Positive Psychology, existential, psychoanalytic and Systems Thinking.

Team Coaching

All day team or half day team coaching and strategy development delivered with high energy and creativity. A group learning journey which is rich in systemic insights, creative challenge, group process and individual solutions focus. 8 sessions over 8 months.

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